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released July 5, 2016



all rights reserved


LadyAxe Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Axe was the first female heavy metal artist in South Africa, back in 1992-3.

Now the Metal Matriarch is South Africa's only female Power Metal artist, known for her high falsetto's and power vocals in the vein of Judas Priest and Manowar. ... more

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Track Name: Ásatrú - Bloeddronk

Where frost lies above you in Northland and night
I guard the site where you sleep (x2)

We are the kin of the Heathen Horde, Warriors of the Hammer
Hailing the Brothers of Odin-lord as we rise again
Tally the blessings of Oversky, never to fall by oppression
Walking in pride, we're thunder-born
Celebrating Blót

Under the eye of the Northern Star, shedding the skin of the Dragon
Wearing the mark of the Spearing Scar, I behold my fate
Empty the mead of the Drinking Horn, never to see my reflection
Sailing the Seas, where Freedom lies, seeking now my Lot (x2)


In dead of night we bring the Offering
The battle looms, we're coming for your King
Berserkers scream, we ready for the slaying
Sing Heathen hymns, don't bother with your praying

High above the moon will light the way
And the Gods hear our war cry
So we fight by the laws of their awesome power
Blood drunk we will die

Side by side we ride across the Dead
Our faces drenched in crimson that we shed
By Odin's sons our armies will be strong
A thousand War Men will sing our battle song

Track Name: Cu Sith (Black Angus)

On the moors at night I see him
Blackest hound of dreams
Come the faerie tale of Nightmares
I can hear him scream

Pirate king of old, a hangman
Brought his illest will
Made a pit of death in Bargeist
Many did he kill

Look into the night
Angus calling...
Hold your breath in fright
Angus coming...

Here in quiet night I see him
Wet with braided tail
Haunting in his way of sorrow
I can hear him wail!

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: Vikingar Cruxiis (Hart van die Hamer)

Daar lê in die Hamer die mag van gode
Maar nie deur die hand van die vaksman nie,
wel die rots waaruit die wapen gebaar word
Soos die vrug van die Godsmoeder.

Mag van Opperhoofde, mag van Moeders
In dieselfde asem bevestig, deur dieselfde Seëning verwek.

In die oog van die Helmdraer blink die waansin van die slagveld,
Tog sien hy die bloed van sy broeders die sneeu verontreinig, betas
Soos onenigheid van nasies die nageslagte verkrag.

Waarheen wink die Noordester?
Sypel deur die bloed van Voorvaders na die Harte van Kinders
Waarheen rig die Suiderkruis?
Erfenisliefde vir die rots onder hul sole.

Die Hart van die Hamer x3
Die Hart van die Hamer x3

Sonder kinders kom geen skerm vir die toekoms
Geen sterrelig op eindelose see
Sonder vaders kom geen rede vir trotse verlede
Geen krag van hande om die seile te hys


Die rotse gegewe deur die Odingod,
Oog van die bloue koepel oorhoofs
Leen aan ons die Kop van Mjölnir

Daar lê in die Hamer die mag van gode,
Maar gode buig knie voor die harte van krygers (x3)
Track Name: Widow's Peak

Blood in the sky creep to the East
High on the noon the vengeance released
Velvet caress, she came to the hill
Coming to kill

Pistol in hand, aimed for his eye
Stood on his chest, watching him die
Swallowed the gun and cursed where she fell
Hell, where she'd dwell

Walk with me, wander the Widows Peak
Life past the sky
You'll die high up on the Widows Peak
Beyond the tide

Razorback smile, screams in the night
Come with me, you'll know the meaning of fright
Out of the fog she'll summon your heart
Tear you apart

(Chorus) x2
Track Name: Rán's Lullaby

Late the hour of hope
Whispered song of yearning
Rises up to meet the squall
Voices come from far
Beckon to the ocean
Surfaces to heed the Call

Find a lost embrace, locked within the Ancient Womb
And the ghosts of men will wrap their hold on you
Not a soul will then remain to see the truth

Kiss the lips of Doom, locked within her fishnet’s thrall
And your fate be cast below in endless Blue
Not a soul will be your mate to comfort you

Find a lost embrace, locked within the Ancient Womb
And the ghosts of men will wrap their hold on you
Not a soul will then remain

(Siren song)
From the depths rise the Great Rán
Come to collect the weeping ships and men thereon (x2)

Giantess, to you all the glory
Drown each mother’s son
Cast your Net, your mighty Tempests roaring
Saline Crown of Rán
Track Name: Widows Peak (Vocal Track)
SEE "Widows Peak"
Track Name: Blood Eagle

On mountains of emerald I'm running
Searching for meat of man
The ancestors' voices humming
Their footprints lay in the sand
Searching for meat of man

Speak no single prayer
For silence brings you near
Suffering the breathless tear
The Gods invite your fear
Feasting on meat of man

Death will come, life will go
The Blood Eagle you will know
Man will die, woman cry
The blood of battle....is mine

Reaper takes his toll
I, the dragon's breath
Kill immortal souls
How sweet the smell of death


In my armor I hold the Kingdom
Of the eras my Fathers forged
And I shall not waver in duty
By my vengeance I am engorged

Oh, the Valkyries shine like the moonlight
On the shore along with the tide
Feel the pulse of Thurian blessing
And I know it's time to ride